Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Crab Tales

I've been posting some pretty amusing stuff on my company blog lately, making Twisted Tales the faithfully ignored first wife. Poor thing...

One of the most interesting things about CC+J - yours truly aside - is the two crabs we rear in a tank. Not those big kinds that taste good with chilli, mind you, just teeny fellas twice the size of a 50 sen coin.

Unassuming as they are, these two nameless crabs have provided us with many, many hours of entertainment. Well, it is the first time I've been so close to a crab. Not counting my mouth.

So well, I just couldn't resist a crabby tale or two...

Episode 1:
The Crab Speaks

Episode 2:
The Crab Speaks... Again

Episode 3:
The Incredible Mystery Of The Crab

What can I say? It sure beats writing about some dumb girl and her evil imaginary dragon =p

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