Thursday, April 19, 2007

Slumber (Part 4 of 10)

So much has happened lately. Okay, not a lot actually, it's just one big thing that seems to have far-reaching consequences.

My company's (still Ideasmith at the moment) Creative Director passed away suddenly from a stroke last week. He was 55, had two kids of 10 and 14, and was apparently a well-respected figure in the Chinese literature community. His name was Lim Yew Chuan.

And it couldn't have come at a worse time, exactly one week after I tendered resignation. Things were mightily sombre around office last week, and at most times I felt like jerk for leaving as everyone was picking up the pieces. Was also afraid that my boss would persuade me to stay a little longer - which he did yesterday, asking for 2 more weeks. Will need to talk to Joescher (my soon-to-be boss) about that.

On the flip side, it was nice to see us grow closer - somehow, everyone's been more helpful and co-operative these days. It's a shame that as I'm leaving, the company seems to be entering a period where us young 'uns will be called upon to step up. But live life with no regrets, I say.

Oh wow...a preamble that's already half-a-post long. That's what I get for not updating in ten days.

Slumber (Part 4 of 10) (And believe me, this story IS heading somewhere)

"Across the Trembling Woods. That's the only way we can get to the Great Bed." Lenny murmured.

"But why can't I just sleep here? See, my eyes are shut already!"

"You won't be able to. The only way back is through the Bed. Now hurry, before Bo gets there first!"

Jenny held on for dear life, as Lenny spiralled downwards to a gloomy green patch. It was an overgrown mess of quivering, sorry-looking plants, stretching out to forever.

"Get down." He took care not to hurt her. "Hand on my tail. And no letting go."

One foot before the other, the two ploddingly made their way to the heart of the woods, taking care not to trip on the snaking weeds. The constantly trembling canopy very soon became dizzying, making sunlight dance in and out their eyes. You never knew when an innocuous-looking bush would just shake violently, and burst into a flight of leaves.

"Lenny," she suddenly quipped. "What if we can't get to this Bed? Will I see Mom and Dad again?"

His caramel eyes met hers. "Of course we'll get you back safely."

"It'll all just be a bad dream?"


She caught an uneasy glint in his eye.


"Without the Great Bed, there is no way she can wake up."

Bo peered up from his notes. "Mm? And?"

"I've sent the Twins to take care of it. Black will track down Lenny and the girl."

"Good, good."

"Ahem," the Scatter Witch tried unsuccessfully to see what Bo was writing. "You still haven't told me how much of Slumber I'll get."

"You're afraid I'll trick you."

"Can't be too careful."

"How would I dare mess with the mighty Scatter Witch," he scoffed. "After all, you're the only one who has seen a thousand years of Slumber."

"And Lenny."

"But you said he was weak. Which was why you left him to seek the Night Mares."

"Whatever you're thinking," she glared piercingly at him. "Remember this: I can thrive in any dream of any child. But you, my friend, can only exist within the mind of this girl."

"If ever Jenny awakes," her pencil fingers snapped. "Poof."

"Heh. You worry too much."

Oh how you underestimate me, Witch.

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