Monday, April 09, 2007

Slumber (Part 3 of 10)

It's April! And not a single meaningful story post yet for the year.
So what's new? I finally resigned last week, will be starting a new job in Sri Hartamas next month. Gonna miss lunchtime shopping in Mid Valley, but you take some and give some...
And before I forget...something I wanted to include in my Wikipedia post, but somehow overlooked. Make it a point to check out this admirably ridiculous site:

Jenny looked up, startled. What new uncomfortable twist was this?

A glassy pair of doggy eyes stared back at her. In the strangest, most inexplicable way, she was being taken away in the jaws of a big flying dog.

"Hullo there!" the dog gruffed. "Sorry I had to introduce myself like this. Name's Lenny."

"I-I'm Jenny."

"That I know. I'm taking you now to the Great Bed."

"Great Bed?"

"Jenny," Lenny descended and dropped her gently onto a cloud. "Every night you go to sleep and start dreaming, this Land of Slumber comes alive. We all have our little adventures. Sometimes you join us. Sometimes you sit by watching."

"When you eventually wake up, everything disappears. Nobody remembers what happened the night before. Nobody but three people - you, me, and the Scatter Witch. Everyone else fades to the back of your mind."

"But you're not really a person." Jenny giggled.

Lenny frowned. "A little seriousness. Please."


"So here's the problem. I don't know how, but tonight Bo has somehow gained dream awareness. He knows that this is a dream, and you're the one keeping it going. His existence depends on you staying asleep."


"I have a little...idea." Bo snorted a wisp of smoke at the Scatter Witch's face, annoying her to bits. "You might be able to help me. Help us."

"What in your dreams do you want?"

"Just think. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could make the Land of Slumber...last more than one night?"

Her pale eyes grew wide. "You're not supposed to say that. None of you dreamlings ever should."

"Well...I did."

" It's not possible!"

"We'll deal with the nitty-gritties later. Now are you interested or not?"

Her eyes became slits. "Tell me more."

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