Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Slumber (Part 1 of 10)

45 days of having a grand total of ZERO likeable story ideas, and out of nowhere this gem came to me. It was another forgettable Thursday afternoon at work, and to fulfill my job description of staring at the computer screen busily, I was reading a Wikipedia article on deus ex machina. It was a link of a link of some sort, I think.

Interesting! This deus ex machina thingy is an improbable-slash-illogical plot device, used to conveniently wrap up sticky situations in stories. Example: waking up and finding out that everything was a dream, angels appearing out of nowhere to save good guys, baddie's guns running out of bullets etc. An instance of it appearing in my stories: Remember the Light From Afar in the first Blogspot? No? Never mind, then.

You prolly won't see what this has to do with my new story, but it'll be real clear in a bit. For now, lick your lips before I do it myself, and tuck in for some Slumber.

"And they rode into the castle, where they lived happily ever after. The end."

Little Jenny smiled, then pouted. "Read me another one, Daddy. Please."

"No, dear. It's already past your bedtime. We'll continue tomorrow."


"Promise." Their pinkies sealed the deal.

"Good night. Sweet dreams."

Sinking comfily into the sheets, Little Jenny snuggled close to Bo, her stuffed Yellow Dragon.

"Hush little baby, go to sleep
When you sleep all things are sweet
Fancy shoes and ribbons dear
Don't wake up till morning's here"

It was the song her parents used to sing her to sleep with. Of course now she was eight, they only wished her good night. But secretly - just between her and Bo - she still hummed it to herself every night.

"Good night, Bo." He nodded back, she was sure.

And so to sleep she went.

There simply was no way Little Jenny could've guessed the incredible adventure in store for her.


Purple. Pink. Orange. Pink. Yellow. Pink.

She mmmed dreamily and turned over. Such a beautiful dream.

Blue. Pink. Grey. Pink. Green. Pink. I want to be up there in those fluffy clouds!

And whatdoyouknow, swoosh! Smack she appeared on top a cushiony cloud. Forget everything you ever learnt in school, it felt just like plopping into an enormous tub of cotton. Candy.

"Whee! This is fun!" Bounce, bounce, bounce, she went. "Isn't it, Bo?"

"Bo? Where are you?" Strange, her hands were empty. He always appeared in her dreams.

"Come out now Bo!" Was he down there?


Suddenly a yellow streak soared up, zig-zagging through the cluster of clouds and everything painted on the sky. It spun wildly - often teasing to go out of control - like an over-honeyed bumblebee, disappeared for a moment's view, before knocking her off her feet.

"Bo!" All yellowed, patched up and missing one spike. And that smell only she found sweet.

But twelve feet tall?

"Little Jenny," the monstrous Bo roared. "You have entered the Land of Slumber, where tonight I rule. And you...shall never awake."

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