Sunday, October 15, 2006

Introducing...The Special October Feature

Heeeeya there peoples, it's been some week.
Tuesday in the office, I almost died. No kidding. Was having diarrhoea and fever, and they just would not turn down the air-con. Between half-freezing to death and needing to go to the toilet a dozen times but feeling "inappropriate", I still can't believe I made it through 10 hours of that Auschwitz.

And if you've noticed, it turned October two weeks ago. And October is *supposed* to be a special month for Twisted Tales. Yeah, our baby boy's coming to two and *ahem* yeah...*ahem*. October. Yeah. I hear lots of people are born in that month. Ahem.


Had been planning for months ahead to re-run last year's "Ten Things I Love About You" - you know, make it a yearly affair. But, seemed quite a lazy cut-and-paste solution. Not to mention self-glorifying.
(Okay, okay, so I admit it! The real reason I ran that last year was so that I could re-bask in my own glory and make you guys re-worship the ground I walk on. Happy?!)


Then...hmm. Back to the papan melukis.

Okay! Why not do a 5-parter miniseries? A short story that MUST end in 5 parts. No long-drawn sagas or characters, blah blah blah. Good ol' fashioned fun for the family.


Easy to conceive. A nightmare to actually put down on paper. For most of last week - and the week before that - I was scratching my head real hard for a wickedly good story. One which would get you hooked from start. It's just 5 parts you know, you can't go all "A long, long, time ago..."

Anyway, here're some ideas I scribbled down:

1) Guy works in petrol station. One day he sees a beautiful girl pumping petrol and falls in love with her. Alas, she drives off. Then, lah.

2) Guy works in petrol station (don't ask me). One day he finds out the washroom is actually a magical portal that leads to another petrol station in another dimension. Then, the portal kua.

3) Little girl likes cats. One day she wakes up and finds her favourite cat missing. She then embarks on a magical journey to rescue her kitty from the clutches of the Driver.

4) Guy rears a cat in his house. He does all sorts of illegal stuff in his house. Cat watches and learns. Over time, cat becomes underground mafia boss.

5) There's this magical jar of vanishing cream. And you have, like, people fighting over it. Until they realise they can't actually see the cream. Because it vanished.

I was still recovering from my fever, OKAY. STOP ROLLING YOUR EYES, YOU.

So what to do, what to do? All these ho-hum plots, and already October was dee-dee-dumming by.

Enter Friday the 13th. (cue theme from Ju On. Or The Phone. Or Ghost Train. Whatever works for you.)

It would require no less a twisted mind. Only a mind so deliciously seedy, so unabashedly corrupted could've given me such an idea.

What can I say? This upcoming story has got me all worked up, all ready to sharpen my pencils and write again. Finally!

And curiously enough, it's titled Aku Sebatang Pensel. Stay tuned, y'all.

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