Friday, February 24, 2006

Writer's Block

I'm back!

Oh, wait...I probably shouldn't be saying that. I've come across more than a few blogs which had that as their final post before they died off. So nope nope, I'm not back, just that I'm posting a little later than I should.

Okayyy...I was hoping I wouldn't need to mention this, but it has been more than a week since I posted my presumably mind-blowing finale to The New Girl and...yeah. You know what I mean.

All around me it seems that blogs are dying...even my own. Has blogging outlived its usefulness? Has society finally caught on to how there are much more meaningful ways to spend your free time than describing your day which no one cares about and ranting on social issues designed only to make you appear informed and intellectual?

Maybe. Maybe not.

(At this point the writer pauses and stares at the screen for twenty minutes. I kid you not.)

That's it! THAT'S IT! Why, oh WHY didn't I think of it before?

Ladies and gentlemen, my next story...Blogspot 2.


zhiyong said...

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yay... advertisments rox :)

mOkKiEs® said...

hmm...let's see...where's my ad blocker?

mOkKiEs® said...

sudah beli, sudah beli.