Sunday, February 05, 2006

Writer's Block

Why hellllo, nurses!
The last three days have been the epitome of purposeless living and idleness, if you'll excuse me for saying that. I'm sure there were more than a couple of occassions when I just stared at my handphone waiting for someone to call and ask me to go save them from a raging fire or something. Ah well, it's the sort of times that you wish would never end and would end quickly both at once.
Of course, no rotting of the mind is complete without an incredulous number of hours staring at the computer screen from dawn till dusk. However this time around, it isn't some lame-o project that only the likes of ME would even dare dream of - I have proudly managed to coax my elder sister into watching (and falling head over heels in love with) one of my most favourite shows ever, Rurouni Kenshin (or Samurai X).
Now now, I sure am not an anime person - heck, I don't even watch that Naru whatsthenameagain show - but believe me when I say that Kenshin is one of the best shows I've ever watched. Nay, one of the best stories I've ever heard. Even if you took away the beautiful art and music, it would still be blow you away whether you're the lovey-dovey mushy sort or one that enjoys a good heated fight. Trade Secret #26: Up till now each time I concoct a story in my head, I use Kenshin as a measuring stick. Is there enough reason to care for this character? Are the situations and explanations too "yeah, right" to buy? Yups, "what would Kenshin do" always is the question.
Hoh boy, better stop now before I go on and do something as dumb as THIS.

Indeed, these are special times as we draw close to another end of a story. Which means the coming of a new one. Ack. This must be the closest I've ever been to the end of a story without any idea how the next one will be like. What I would really like to do is going back to the basics...a straightforward "good versus evil" story, kinda like that first one I wrote here. "Blogspot" was it? Yups...not the sort of story that leaves you with a dozen points to ponder staring at the ceiling, but a delightful romp through the park that doesn't take itself too seriously. Though I would never agree to Blogspot being the best of the four Twisted Tales so far, there is no denying that the reader response for it was the best, making it such a joy to write. So pencil it down people...Story Number Five, coming your way some time in the near future!

The New Girl? Whoops yeah, we should be waiting breathlessly for the climax now. Sighh...what can I say without making it sound like self praise or pointless criticism? The most dangerous thing to do at this point would be to make things too far-fetched or ridiculous, now that the element of magic has been introduced. More so when everything has been soooo subtle and curiousity-inducing all this while. But how then, can Jean become a fearsome villain if you don't have her brething fireballs? Bwahahahaha, go figure.
And is there enough time for a twist for Saras? She appears to be on May's side currently, but there's just so much you could do for her background with Jean. You could have her pulling the strings for Jean. Or maybe be the mastermind behind the secret garden. Or defeat Jean in an epic showdown of sorcery. Or maybe not.
It makes me tingle with excitement, ah yes. Be seeing you, kiddos. :-)

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