Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Writer's Block: Stupidity

After an almost two month long absence, we herald the return of our the poem/short story-type Writer's Block! You know, the sort that would actually be READ. And lol, what a brave fool I am for posting this on the World Wide Web. Consider this a subtle outcry against the many instances of...erm, not-so-wise decisions I've encountered during my six-month long tenure as Vice President of the Batch 26 Graduation Campaign. No names named, of course - just bear in mind that it's most fun to read when you imagine "I" as yourself and tsk-tsk at the mind-boggling stupidity of everyone but yourself...

Ah, stupidity!
How I wish you hadn't come today
Always sneaking, slinking round the corners
Go away! I'm in the midst of the creative process

When people think they're right before they speak
Pow! You swoop in like an eagle and go flap flap flap
Hissing, clawing, scratching my face - ouch!
Begone! I said begone!

When every idea needs to be approved by twenty different heads
There you are again, jiving on the table barefoot
Stop clapping the dust off you shoes, I'm warning you!
Stupidity, you're not welcome here!

When details are given so much attention to that the big picture is an afterthought
You clamber to the ceiling fan and swing crazily, screaming your head off
Who taught you to thump your chest so loudly, you rip-off Tarzan?
Be quiet, for crying out loud! I can't think straight!

When meetings last weeks in wait of the perfect idea
Crash! Boom! Bang! Like a raging bull you charge round the room
Goring tables and chairs, turning them topsy-turvy
I'm begging you, leave us alone! You've wasted enough of our time already

When three seperate ideas become one to appease all
Your beady eyes bulge into flaming red balls, your jaws stretch wide open
What enormous teeth! What a piercing roar! Everything's falling apart!
Now you've really done it, YOU STUPID CREATURE!


Nothing's left now
Nothing but Stupidity and the trail of duh

The saddest thing about Stupidity is that
It doesn't come to stupid people
It comes to smart people who think that
It won't come at all


Liz said...

Hi there .. came across your blog from Yuen Qi's blog. I was at ABYF too, small world lol ...

Btw, just wanted to say, great writings! Really ..

mOkKiEs® said...

hello! you're from emmanuel baptist church rite? from canaan, but i can't really remember who u r...didn't really mingle much in last year's camp.
but anyway, hope to c u again this year! both camp-wise and blog-wise, haha...