Monday, January 09, 2006

reCAPPENING: The New Girl, Chapters 16-20

Whoops...forgot to include the preamble for yesterday's post. The event most worth noting should be last Friday night's launching of our graduation exhibition (finally!). Screw the incessant downpour and almost-embarassing lack of guests, us Batch 26ers were going to make it a night to remember all the same. A distant relative of the prom night genre, if you will...
Anyway now that January's upon us and I can no longer believably employ the excuse of being busy, guess we're gonna have to see Ghostopia around again somewhere soon. Oh you wait, just you wait...

May's parents take her to the hospital, but the doctors are equally clueless. On the way there, she figures that the black magic Jean and Saras are involved in must be the cause for her sudden aging. However, her parents refuse to let her go anywhere but the hospital.
Saras then unexpectedly visits her, bearing two bits of information - Misha was earlier on in the same condition as May was, eventually aging into a shrivelled old lady of almost 100. Apart from that, Jean has gone missing.
That night, May awakes and finds out to her horror that she has aged another fifteen years. She racks her brain desperately in search of a way to make get to school and confront Jean. Morning arrives, and she manages to escape from the hospital by masquerading as her mother. She hurries off excitedly outside to hail a taxi, leading us into Chapter 21.

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