Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Writer's Block

It's been a roller-coastery past week, one which fluctuated from "stupifyingly awful" at times to "moderately enjoyable". There're lessons to be learnt from feeling like the dumbest person on earth. Sighhh...well, at least an exciting fundraising week in college has made me considerably less ranty now.
However, I'll have you know that I was *this* close to pulling the plug on Ghostopia on Thursday/Friday night. For a long while it seemed like this story was screwed up in a major way. Screwed up so badly that the more I continued, the more I was hurting it.
I won't be afraid to admit that long-drawn stories like this work very badly in the Twisted Tales format. Planning and continuity all turn into a nightmare - not just for the writer, but the reader as well. It reminds me of one of those Hong Kong martial arts comics I read when I was younger; you'd continue reading about a certain battle for many issues and suddenly stop to wonder: "Wait a minute...why are they fighting again?"
So that explains why I've been slow to update lately...but this is probably a better pace for us. Always being 10 Chapters behind can be daunting for the reader, and I start writing for the sake of writing. It's really been while since Ghostopia was a labour of love to me. Everything's in such a mess now.
No worries guys; Ghostopia will continue, we will get the satisfying conclusion (notice how I use "we" instead of "you"). I mean, a blog shouldn't have to worry too much about pleasing its readers, should it? This is just a drawing board sketch for the bigger, better version of Ghostopia I'll rewrite next time.
Or maybe I'm being too hard on myself?
Anyways, a final footnote: Don't forget about OCTOBER! A truly inspiring month where we gather round and celebrate not one, but TWO birthdays! One of a gawky 20 year-old, another of a cooing 1 year-old!
And my point would be?
Visit this site, y'all - I shall be running a feature I've been DYING to run since June/July. It's called..."Did You Really Think I Would Let The Cat Out Of The Bag So Early?" Ahhahhahaha, meloves a peppering of sarcasm every now and then. Check back to un-bait your breath. Run along now, little ones.


mOkKiEs® said...

i couldn't get this up on the chatterbox, so here goes:

To Charmaine and jillie: thx for the comments, i feel sumwhat...rejuvenated. Yup yups...the world still needs Ghostopia. =^)

Hahaha, I Blew My Chow Over Youuu said...

heyyas! "this flooble chatterbox is currently unavailable" =/ maybe you shld get another one. http://saybox.co.uk; recommended. (: *go on writing!*