Friday, September 23, 2005

reCAPPENING: Ghostopia, Chapters 56-60

Kat's story: Katrina, as she was called back then, had an extraordinary talent for playing the piano. However, she often was troubled by financial difficulties at home caused by the divorce of her parents. Things became worse when her father, a lawyer, refused to send alimony for the month.
However, her lucky break comes when her principal invites her to perform at a garden party in Mr. Rogers' mansion. Mr. Rogers, a planner for school children performances, is subsequently impressed and asks her to come for their concert rehearsal on Sunday afternoon.
As she practises for the big day, her father unexpectedly calls. He's gotten wind of her offer, and doesn't want her to go for the rehearsal. In his own words: "Imagine the implications if my ex-daughter became famous and started bad-mouthing me in public."
This makes Katrina very upset and eventually affects her playing on Sunday. Mr. Rogers and the conductor, Mrs. Yates, isn't too impressed and calls it a day, leading us into Chapter 61.

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