Monday, September 03, 2007

Stories Of Naivety

Happy 50th Merdeka to all! Expect a Malaysia-centric post sometime soon, but for now here're some delightful lil' shorts I unknowingly compiled last week.

Story Of Naivety #1:

This cute little boy, not more than 7 years of age, steps into his auntie's lavish bungalow. It is quite obviously his first time in such a big house.
"Wahhh..." he exclaims to his cousins. "Auntie's house is so big and beautiful, it must cost at least 100 bucks."

Story Of Naivety #2:

Another cute little boy, 8 years old, give and take a few years, buys a box of Tora chocolates. You know, those chocolates we ALL bought when we were young, that came with a free toy that always looked SO MUCH BETTER on TV.

If you remember clearly enough, Tora costs 1 ringgit, for both the chocolate and the toy. The time I bought it, they gave this green plastic crab-like top. Quite cool for 8-year-old standards.

And along comes EvilWeaselFriend.

EWF: Wah, your toy so nice lah!
Boy: Yeah...
EWF: I buy it from you, okay or not?
Boy: *mind starts going blank at the thought of making money* How much, how much?
EWF: Hmm...20 sen lah! Can buy a bowl of noodles, you know.
Boy: Yeah...noodles...
EWF: Deal!

And ta-da, the incredible spinning crab was sold for a mere 20 sen. Till the boy's sister yelled at him "You think the chocolates will cost 80 sen kah?" did he come to realise his folly.

Story Of Naivety #3:

On Day One, EWF borrows 20 sen from the same boy. Though more cautious this time around (though not necessarily wiser), he lends it to him. After all, EWF is his best friend and wouldn't suddenly migrate to North Korea over 20 sen.

Day Two:

Boy: So where's my 20 sen?
EWF: *hands him 10 sen* Nah...
Boy: Wait...I lent you 20 sen rite?
EWF: now I give you back 10 sen loh.
Boy: Huh?
EWF: You see...I have lesser 10 sen now, and you lesser 10 sen also rite?
Boy: Mm...yeah. *still feels uneasy*
EWF: It's the same one! Just a different way of counting.
Boy: Okay...

At home...

Boy: No don't get it. It's a different way of counting.
Sister: Different your head!! *smacks*

Ah, to be young and gullible with a capital G...

P.S. All the above stories are 100% true accounts. They might or might not have happened to yours truly. Thank you for reading.

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