Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why I'm Always Working Late

Heya all!

First time this year I'm posting twice a month. How sad.

But I'm pretty sure this is cheating, cos I'm just gonna share some Youtube videos!

Of myself and the guys at work doing silly stuff, nonetheless.


CC+J Bowling!

CC+J The Musical!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Old School

Note: I recently received feedback that my blog is too colourless, pictureless and updateless. So how does one solve this problem? Easy peasy! By posting a colourful and pictureful update!

Here we go!

Because nothing says old school like these.

Last Thursday, I somehow dug out my old school magazines for a quick re-read.


Back in my day, I had this embarrassing habit of constantly writing stories no one wanted to read and make them read. These days, I just write stories no one wants to read, and no one reads them.

So anyway, I contributed to the school magazine yearly without fail - except for Form 3 when hormones took over. Form 4 saw the collaboration with a certain Boy-Who-Was-Too-Smart to pen the ill-advised Dark Destiny trilogy. Title sounds cool huh? Trust me, that was the only thing cool about it. It was so awful that I couldn't bring myself to read it again in detail. Serious! I was just skimming through words and sentences, the way one quickly glances at and away from a dead cat by the roadside.

The story - remarkably schoolboy-ish (but then again...). About some super-computer trying to take over the world, only to be thwarted by a hero out of the blue. Then parts 2 & 3, with the hero's son continuing the battle. Or something like that. Sheer horror.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, then came the Form 5 edition.


I was in the Editorial Team that year, the way all gifted students should. And the Sub-Editor, no less.

2-pages-plus for a BM story. (Since when could I write in Malay?!)
4 pages for The Boy Who Was Too Smart.
3 pages for A Tale Of Two 'Poultries'.
4 more pages for Insanity.
1 paragraph for an excerpt in my classmate's article 'Life'.

All perpetrated by YOURS TRULY!

*hides head in shame*

I must have had a really difficult childhood.

No, seriously. Any Form 5 kid who submits 13-over pages to the school magazine without remorse should be sent for psychiatric counselling and spanked for good measure.

I even remember fantasising at that time of teachers crowding around the magazine in the Bilik Guru going: "Oooooh, look at him! Sooooo clever! Write sooooo much!"

Just like how I once imagined that my blog would get featured in the papers, simply because it contained stories.

And of course, none ever happened.

I guess one of the most important lessons of growing up is to take yourself less seriously.


P.S. All the writings highlighted in orange can be found in the 'Desserts, Anyone?' section of my blog. Along with Bobo, these constitute some of my proudest life's work. Maybe I just haven't lived enough yet. =p