Friday, March 07, 2008

There's Something In The Air

There's Something in the air
Everyone's well aware
The fireworks, the sparks, the fanfare
And suddenly we all care

A special Something that makes us believe
That we alone elect how we live
A certain Something that wasn't there before
Not I believe, since two-thousand-and-four

This little Something,
It sustains us, entertains us,
Gives hope to the common man
That he most certainly undoubtedly can

The Something that burns in all
A will to build bridges and break down walls
To see through immeasurable pains
To stand up, speak up, and fight against

The coffee shops are a-mumbling
The streets are a-rumbling
The people are a-grumbling
The mighty are a-trembling

Will justice ever be propagated?
Equality reinstated?
Freedom legislated?
Corruption eradicated?
Wise leaders nominated?
Difference created?

Someday, maybe thus changes Her fate
Just not, I believe, after March 8th two-thousand-and-eight
But it's always nice to hold on to that special Something
It keeps us alive and kicking

Happy Voting, Malaysia!